Help Stop This “Man”! Child Trafficker!

Izak Javed who lives in Islamabad Pakistan is a child trafficker.   He is the destroyer of children’s futures and parents’ hopes and dreams.  He works in the Islamabad region contacting US and European adoption agencies.  Where he gets the children from, I surely don’t know, but if your agency tells you they have a Pakistan program beware!  Find out if Izak is a part of it.  If so RUN!  I have documentation and worse than that, I have had the experience of losing a daughter because of him!  Click here to read about my sweet Alyssa.  If you have any questions concerning the validity of my comments please contact the US embassy in Islamabad by clicking here.  I have a letter from the Consul General US Embassy Pakistan with proof of her being trafficked.  If you wish to write directly to the Office of Children’s Issues in the US STate Department I am certain they would be pleased to help you avoid what happened to me and verify what I am saying about this horrible horrible man.  Do not be taken in by his evil.

Here is what this deplorable man looks like in case you ever have the unfortunate experience to need to know…